Aluminum Trellises

As with Aluminum Awnings With Overhead Support, aluminum makes for model architectural trellis material. Aluminum trellises have proven to be less costly than their wood structured counterparts, as well as providing the benefit of virtually no maintenance. This non-corrosive metal resists rust and passes all fire codes. Furthermore, we can add different finishes to change the color and match the hue and design to your building or home. 



Aluminum is a lightweight, economical choice for an awning. Its durability and versatility are attractive features for canopy material. Aluminum is also greener than other metals, via more eco-friendly production processes and recycling availability.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Aluminum Bahama Shutters are a clever, effective option for your windows, storefronts, patios, porches, glass doors, and decks. They bring you a classic style with modern durability; a popular and lightweight choice.


Standing Seam Awnings

These versatile canopies will fight the elements for you, your guests, your family members, your patrons, and others who visit your home or business. You can have us build a strictly functional metal awning or add fun and ornamental design elements that complement the decor of your property. This flexibility is one of the many great advantages of choosing this style of awning.