Trellises are typically associated with plants, flowers, vines, and other climbing vegetation. Traditionally, these structures have been made of wood. They’re also widely available in vinyl, plastic, and willow. But modern trellises are designed for more than garden features. They can now work as beautiful canopies, as well. To enhance their usefulness and safety, these trellises are manufactured from aluminum.


The Aluminum Advantage

As with awnings with overhead support, aluminum makes for model architectural trellis material. Aluminum trellises have proven to be less costly than their wood structured counterparts, as well as providing the benefit of virtually no maintenance. This non-corrosive metal resists rust and passes all fire codes. Furthermore, we can add different finishes to change the color and match the hue and design to your building or home.

Some Benefits of Aluminum Trellis Canopies:

  • Enhances Appearance
  • Passes All Fire Codes
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Provides Sun Protection

Adding Aluminum Trellises to Your Property

Latticeworks or slats design is a hallmark of an architectural trellis. These trellis panels can be used in suspended canopies, flat walkway covers, sunshades, pavilions, and various canopy-style set-ups. While the open framework pattern defines them as trellises, the sky is the limit for creative design.

Your commercial trellis need not be truly functional, at all. Instead, explore the idea of an architectural outdoor trellis structure that adds to your property’s curb appeal. You may even wish to incorporate trellis patterns and panels in an enclosure for your home or business. The lattice pattern feels more open and invites the outdoors in, while a durable vinyl covering offers protection from the elements.

Many architects integrate trellis extrusions to building design to enhance the beauty of the structure. You don’t have to settle for basic, plain and mundane just because you’re not in a position to commission a building designed by an architect. Instead, brainstorm with our Custom Canvas Works design team. Let us help you create a pleasing trellis canopy, extension, or free-standing structure that will wow visitors, patrons, guests, and customers. Choose a customized trellis design and aluminum construction for beauty, durability, comfort, and protection!

Aluminum trellises can be used for storefronts, windows, stairway covering, or door protection. Custom Canvas Works can create custom aluminum trellises for your commercial building or residence.