Make your storefront more visually appealing; Lower cooling costs; Provide shade from exposure to the sun; commercial awnings offer many benefits. These features make Awnings a great property investment. At Custom Canvas Works, we specialize in Commercial Awnings.

Common Awning Options For Your Business

The choices can be overwhelming in commercial awnings. The many available styles, materials, forms, and functions are just a testament to how valuable these coverings are for businesses. Commercial awnings should be used to cover windows, entryways, exits, stairs, and docks. And free-standing awnings are helpful at recreational venues -- like parks, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

Business awning materials vary. Fabric is a popular choice. But it’s not the most durable option. Aluminum and steel will last longer and stand up to the elements more effectively. Fabrication advancements allow us to create customized options from aluminum. Aluminum is suitable for powder coating. That opens up a vast range of possibilities for colors and patterns.

Our Bahama Shutters are an excellent example of how we merge aesthetics and practical use for our customers. Using lightweight aluminum instead of wood offers a more durable solution that will last for many years. You enjoy light regulation, shade control, and protection from poor weather. The open blade design is an attractive look that adds to the appeal of your building.

Note that we also design enclosures, banners and signs, and aluminum trellises for your commercial establishment. To learn more about some of our commercial products, see our featured projects.

Commercial Awnings – The Smart Choice

Awnings do much more than providing shade. Review some of the many compelling reasons why the savvy business owner should consider custom awnings and canopies for their establishment.

  • Makes your building look more attractive
  • Helps lower your energy use and expenses
  • Enhances brand visibility
  • Helps advertise your business
  • Entices passersby
  • Protects your guests from bad weather
  • Raises the comfort level of your visitors
  • Provides shade
  • Prevents fading from UV rays

Start Choosing Your New Commercial Awnings Today

We can design awnings for nearly any structure. Our skilled and experienced design team has the knowledge we need to build and install the most efficient awning solutions for your company. And you won’t ever sacrifice form and beauty for function. So, take a look at some of the many options that are available to you with Custom Canvas Works.

Adding an awning to your business or commercial building can deliver excellent results! Check out our Commercial Awning Gallery below to see examples of the variety and impact of Commercial Awnings.